Bexar County Schools Testing

Reducing the Spread of COVID-19 in Schools with PCR Testing

Currently, school districts in Bexar County do not have access to testing for symptomatic or exposed COVID-19 patients, with a PCR test that guarantees next day delivery on results with no out of pocket cost to the family.

High demand for COVID-19 testing has caused results to take longer, which can lead to faster spread of the virus. 

Students and faculty have had to wait 3-7 days

to find out if symptomatic classmates or co-workers are indeed COVID-19 positive.

Con Corazón is proud to offer the first program dedicated to providing Bexar County students, school staff, and household family members with a medical visit and highly accurate PCR (real-time) COVID-19 tests.

This program will not only alleviate the harmful mental health impacts of waiting up to a week for results, it will help slow the spread of COVID-19.

Please Advise:

Testing at SAISD Sports Complex has been closed due to a dramatic decrease in demand.

How does it work?

Our new program will make COVID-19 testing readily available for schools.

The program is available for students and faculty, and will open up to household family members of students or staff who have tested positive, which is especially important for those who live in multi-generational homes.

There are no out-of-pocket expenses for those included in this program, and participants are not required to be insured.

Con Corazón SA will operate at three clinics spread out through San Antonio so that testing is accessible to all.

We guarantee next day results. If you test after 3pm, expect an additional day for results to be sent to you.

During your exam, our staff will request your email address. Be sure to provide the correct and most frequently used email address on file so that your results are sent to the right place.

Once results are ready, a link will be sent to you using the email address provided at the time of your swab; please check your spam/junk folder. Once you receive your unique link, please open this link and complete registration for the patient portal. Once you are registered in the patient portal, you will be granted access to view your test results.

Positive result:

Now that you have received a positive COVID-19 test result, please begin isolation to not spread the virus. Metro Health will call you to begin your case investigation. The call will come from a 210-207-xxxx number and will read “SA Health Dept” on your caller ID. Please answer the call or return the call to help public health workers contain the virus. They may ask additional questions to complete the contact tracing process and the information that is shared is 100% confidential.

They will never ask your bank account number or social security number. Call your close contacts to notify them of the exposure and make them aware of appropriate quarantine measures. Meanwhile, stay separated (in “isolation”) from other people in your household for at least 10 days, and contact your employer’s Human Resources department for other directions. See a medical provider if you have trouble breathing, persistent pain or pressure in the chest, trouble staying awake, or other warning signs.


Negative result:

If you received a negative test result, please stay vigilant. You will want to continue following recommendations and wear a mask or face covering, wash your hands frequently, and social distance to the best of your ability. If you begin to experience symptoms of COVID-19, please call and schedule a follow-up test at 210-851-8621.

If you are having issues accessing the patient portal to receive your results, please call the COVID-19 testing lab at 281-319-TEST (8378).

Accurate + next day test results can reduce the spread by 200%

for every day that a student or staff member has their results sooner.

If you are experiencing even mild symptoms, it is important to get tested.

Equitable access to highly accurate COVID testing is extremely important to obtain a clear picture of how fast the pandemic is spreading, understand if our strategies to contain the disease are working, and to help guide further policies and guidelines that are vital to the overall health of our community.

For more information on how you can get tested if you are experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19 and need information on testing sites, please call us at 210-616-5385 or contact us by clicking the button below.

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